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Affiliated Drum Tower Hospital of Medical School of Nanjing University

Affiliated Drum Tower Hospital of Medical School of Nanjing University is very near to Nanjing University. It is combined medical treatment, teaching, and tech development into one place. So, it is a very huge hospital even in China. This hospital is built in 1892, so until now, it has been 130 years old. We have provided various medical furniture solutions.
In 2020, the great pandemic came, and based on the massive medical and disinfectional need of the hospital, they started to find some medical furniture supplier which can help them upgrade all the furniture for them. In houdreds of medcial furniture suppliers, they saw our website and start to send an inquiry. On the first time they reach us, we immediately answer their inquiry. And furthermore, we also provide 24/7 onsite room design. They are so happy about it. But when our communication going very well, there are always have some trouble: The great pandemic get worse, and they need us to provide the furniture within one to two months including production time. And how lucky they are, we just upgrade our production line into 79100+ SQM Workshop in the same time. So we match their need in one and a half month. They are not like our furniture, they love it so much.

Project Details

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