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Home care beds are designed for use in residential settings.

  • Provide mobility and positioning support for patients recovering or being cared for at home. Suitable for long or short-term use.
  • Typically electric profiling beds with height adjustment, articulating mattress platforms, side rails, etc. Allow patients to independently or with assistance – sit up, recline and exit the bed. Provide comfort and pressure relief.
  • More compact than most hospital beds to suit home environments. But still durable and able to support heavier patients. Weight capacities from 300 to 1000 lbs.
  • Additional options like overbed tables, bed rails, trapeze bars, padding, specialty mattresses, etc. can be customized based on patient requirements.
  • Home care staff and families are usually responsible for operating and maintaining the beds. Require proper training to use effectively and safely based on patients’ needs.
  • Improve mobility, independence and quality of life at home for patients unable to use standard furnishings.
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