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  • Mobility – The primary purpose of a wheelchair is to provide mobility for those unable to walk or with limited walking ability. Wheelchairs allow users to move around independently and actively participate in life activities.
  • Long distance – Wheelchairs are suitable for covering long distances that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for the user. They provide a means of transportation over continuous periods of mobility.
  • Comfort – Wheelchairs offer a comfortable and supportive seat that removes the need to stand or walk. This can help prevent pain, fatigue, and restlessness.
  • Medical care – Wheelchairs are often necessary for transporting patients during medical care, such as in hospitals or nursing homes. They allow staff to easily move residents and patients.
  • Accessibility – Wheelchairs provide accessibility for those unable to use stairs or navigate narrow hallways. They allow users to maneuver through doorways, up/down ramps, and over various terrain.
  • Post-surgery – Wheelchairs are commonly used during post-surgery recovery when walking is difficult or not permitted. They aid the healing process by enabling limited mobility.
  • Severe disability – For those with severe or long-term disabilities that impair walking, such as paraplegia or multiple sclerosis, wheelchairs provide their primary means of mobility and independence.
  • Sports – Some wheelchairs are designed specifically for sports and an active lifestyle. They provide mobility for recreational activities and adaptive sports like basketball, tennis, rugby, and racing.
  • Portable – Lightweight wheelchairs that fold up compactly can be transported in vehicles for mobility on the go. They provide both a means of mobility and portability.

So in summary, wheelchairs serve a wide range of purposes from providing mobility during temporary or long-term disability and medical care to enabling independence, accessibility, and an active lifestyle.

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