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the dispensing area, also known as the pharmacy, is an important department in hospitals.

  • The pharmacy is responsible for procuring, storing and dispensing medication to all hospital departments and patients according to doctors’ prescriptions. It must adhere to strict procedures for safely handling pharmaceutical products.
  • Key equipment includes dispensing automation systems, sterile hoods, fume cabinets, refrigerators, etc. for efficiently and safely managing pharmaceutical inventory.
  • Staff must include registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with the knowledge and skills to safely procure, handle, dispense, and compound medication. Proper credentialing and continual training is required.
  • Strict policies govern medication handling, dispensing, storage, recording and disposal procedures that comply with regulatory guidelines. This includes verifying prescriptions, monitoring for adverse drug interactions and allergies, controlling narcotics, and disposal of expired medication.
  • The dispensary works closely with hospital physicians, administrators and diagnostic departments to maintain appropriate medication supplies, anticipate needs, and ensure optimal pharmaceutic care.
  • An efficient, well-managed pharmacy is essential for quality patient care and safety in any hospital. Negligence can lead to serious consequences like fatal drug interactions, addictions or improper treatment.
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