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Bath chairs are commonly used in hospitals and healthcare facilities to assist patients with bathing and hygiene needs.

  • Bath chairs provide seating support for patients unable to stand for long periods. They allow easy access into and out of bathtubs, showers and over toilet seats. Different types include:
    1. Tub transfer chairs – Have adjustable height legs, armrests and seat cut-outs for easy access over tub walls. Waterproof, padded seats and backrests. Can be wheeled directly into showers or tubs. Handles provide support for transfers.
    2. Shower chairs – Height adjustable, padded seats that can be placed inside shower stalls. Have apertures for water drainage and rubber tips to prevent slipping. Armrests and backrests provide stability for patients.
    3. Toilet chairs – Height adjustable seats that can be placed over toilets. Open front provides access. Padded seats, armrests and locking castors or legs for safety and support.
    4. Commode chairs – Can function as a toilet or be used over a bedpan. Height and positioning adjustable. Have receptacles for waste collection. Padded backrests, seats and armrests provide comfort.
    5. Mobile shower trolleys – Can transport patients to bathrooms and position over tubs or in showers. Hydraulically height adjustable. Come with padded stretcher surface, side rails, waste collection bags and tubing for shower attachments. Require attendants to maneuver and transfer patients.
  • Important features for all bath chairs include:
    1. Adjustable height for proper positioning and easy patient transfers.
    2. Padded, waterproof seats, backrests and armrests for comfort and support.
    3. Locking castors/legs for safety and stability. Brakes prevent slipping on wet floors.
    4. Apertures/openings for easy access and waste collection where applicable.
    5. Handles and rails for patient and attendant support during transfers.
    6. Rustproof, durable construction suitable for wet areas. Stainless steel, aluminum alloys and waterproof plastics are often used.
    7. Easy to clean and sanitize to prevent infection. Smooth surfaces with minimal seams.

Correct sizing and secure positioning are important for patient safety, comfort and independence. When properly fitted and used, bath chairs can help reduce risks of falls and maintain dignity during hygiene routines.
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