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Patient and resident rooms have important functions and suit different facility needs.

Patient rooms – For inpatient care in hospitals.
  • Requirements:
    1. Space for bed, medical equipment, storage and circulation. Typically 150-350 sq ft.
    2. Access to patient bathrooms – either ensuite or nearby. Grab bars, non-slip floors, wide doors for wheelchairs.
    3. Monitors for patient vital signs, emergency call buttons, oxygen, suction, etc. depending on medical needs.
    4. Accommodation for caregivers, folded bed or sleeper recliner.
    5. Provision for family/visitors. seating, adequate space, privacy if needed.
    6. Infection control – ventilated, easy to clean surfaces, waste disposal, PPE storage.
    7. Access to patient records, hand washing sinks, disposable storage, sharps containers.
    8. Mobility – spacious layouts, wide doors and corridors for beds, wheelchairs, trolleys.
    9. Safety – non-slip floors, wheelchair ramps, well-lit areas, properly secured equipment, rails.
    10. Signage for directions, staff, services – also consider cognitive/visual impairment needs.

  • Key for all is providing a safe, comfortable, therapeutic space that also respects privacy, independence and human rights. Balancing medical/safety needs with a homely environment.
  • Suitable for the specific facility purpose – hospital care, rehabilitation, dementia, palliative, long term residential, etc. Staff, visitor and service access also a factor.
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