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bathroom aids and safety equipment are important for patients with mobility or dexterity impairments.

  • Grab bars – Provide support for standing, sitting or lifting. Positioned around toilets, tubs, showers and sinks. Wall-mounted or freestanding. Improve balance and prevent falls.
  • Raised toilet seats – Make toilets easier to access. Can be removable or permanently installed. Have adjustable or fixed raised height. Some come with grab bars, splash guards and padding for comfort.
  • Commodes – Portable or stationary chairs with built-in toileting pan and armrests. Allow toileting where bathrooms are not easily accessible. Can also be positioned over toilets or bedpans. Height adjustable and come with liners, covers and splash guards.
  • Shower chairs/benches – Provide stable seating in showers. Height adjustable legs allow proper positioning. Have backrests, hand grips and non-slip feet for safety. Allow hands-free showering and conserve energy. Removable for transfers.
  • Transfer benches – Span across tubs to make getting in and out easier. One level section outside the tub, the other level section inside. Patients slide across with minimal lifting or turning. Height and tilt adjustable. Have backrests, handrails and non-slip surfaces.
  • Bath lifts – Mechanical lifts that can be placed in and lifted out of tubs. Powered lifts use hoists to raise and lower patients. Manual pumps or hand cranks raise and lower lifts on frames. Fully waterproof and padded for patient comfort and support. Require less physical effort than transfer from wheelchairs.
  • Non-slip bath mats and shower shoes – Provide friction to prevent slips and falls on wet surfaces. Secure suction cups attach mats in place. Tread patterns on shoes also improve grip.
  • Safety bars and handrails – Located in toilets, showers and bathtubs. Provide support and balance for standing, grabbing and lifting. Floor to ceiling mounted for maximum stability.
  • Emergency call buttons – Installed in bathrooms for patients to summon help in case of falls or injuries. Connect to response systems to alert staff or caregivers. Improve safety for those bathing independently.
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