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Mobility scooters provide independent mobility for those unable to walk long distances.

  • Three or four-wheeled power chairs steered with handlebars. Battery-powered motors propel and stop the scooter. Suit indoor and outdoor use.
  • Important features include:
    1. Adjustable seats for comfort – padded, armrests, back support. Swivel seats aid transfers.
    2. Flip-up armrests and footrests for access. Provide open space when not in use.
    3. Storage racks/baskets for carrying items. Below the seat or on the back.
    4. Charging systems – on-board or separate units. Need space for access and ventilation.
    5. Adjustable tiller controls speed, brakes, lights, turn signals, horn, etc.
  • Lightweight, portable models can be folded and lifted for transport in vehicles. Heavier duty models may require ramps/lifts to load. Consider user abilities and needs.

Used by those with mobility impairments to travel for social/leisure activities, shopping, appointments, short journeys, etc. Increase independence and reduce reliance on caregivers for transport.

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