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There are several types of walking aids available to help with mobility and balance.
  • The most common types include:
  1. Canes – Canes provide support for walking by transferring weight from the legs to the arms. They can help with balance and stability. Canes come in adjustable single-point and quad cane styles.
  2. Crutches – Crutches also provide weight support under the arms but require the use of both arms. They are often used for temporary injuries like sprains or fractures to avoid putting weight on one or both legs.
  3. Walkers – Walkers, also known as zimmer frames, provide the most stability. They have a sturdy frame the user holds onto for support. Some walkers have two legs that slide, others have four legs. Many have wheels, seats, and handbrakes.
  4. Rollators – Rollators are wheeled walkers that provide support and a seat. They allow the user to walk upright while resting some weight on the rollator. Rollators are very versatile and useful for many mobility conditions.
  5. Lofstrand crutches – Lofstrand crutches are forearm crutches that place weight on the forearms rather than under the arms. They are often more comfortable and provide greater mobility than regular crutches.
  6. Knee scooters – For leg injuries or balance problems, knee scooters allow the user to rest one knee on a padded support while the other foot pushes along the ground. Handlebars provide stability and steering.
  7. Walking sticks – For light support and balance, walking sticks or hiking poles can help take some weight off the legs. They are held in each hand and placed with each step.
  8. Orthotic devices – Orthotic braces, wraps, and shoe inserts can also help with mobility, balance, and walking. They provide arch support, motion control, and pain relief.

So there are many options for finding the right walking aid based on a person’s needs, condition, and level of support required. A doctor or physical therapist can help determine the most suitable walking aid in each situation.

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