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Hospital chairs need to be highly functional while promoting safety, hygiene, comfort and efficiency. Their designs depend on location and specific needs, with infection control and durability always a priority.
Examination chairs – Used by physicians to examine patients during consultations and checkups.

  • Requirements:
    1. Adjustable height for easy access. Hydraulic or electric controls allow physicians to raise and lower the chair.
    2. Reclining backrests so patients can lie flat during examinations. Locking backrests provide stability.
    3. Adjustable leg rests to support patient’s legs in different positions. Can be removable or retractable when not needed.
    4. Mobility castors allow easy relocation for storage or different procedures. Braking castors provide stability when in use.
    5. Disposable covers or fluid-resistant surfaces for hygiene. Easy to sanitize between patients.
    6. Some models tailored for gynecological, ophthalmic or podiatry examinations with additional features.
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