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  • This center is responsible for procuring, storing and supplying disinfection consumables and cleaning equipment to all areas of the hospital.
  • The center must follow regulations and recommended procedures for procuring, transporting, storing and handling disinfection supplies and hazardous chemicals. Proper ventilation, spill containment measures, protective equipment, labeling and temperature control are important.
  • The center provides training for hospital staff on properly handling, applying and storing disinfection and sanitation products to maximize effectiveness while ensuring safety.
  • They work closely with hospital administrators and department heads to assess needs, evaluate new products, and implement infection control and sanitation standards across the facility.
  • Staff require knowledge of disinfection techniques, health and safety standards, storage procedures, quality monitoring, and inventory control.
  • A well-equipped disinfection supply center is essential for maintaining a sterile healthcare environment and preventing spread of infections within a hospital. Lack of proper disinfection can pose risks to patients, staff and visitors.
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