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Hospital changing rooms, also known as locker rooms, provide space for staff to change into sterile surgical scrubs and personal protective equipment (PPE) before procedures.

  • They maintain high sanitation standards to prevent introducing contaminants to sterile areas of the hospital. Staff must thoroughly wash hands and arms before donning scrubs and PPE.
  • Separate changing rooms are provided for sterile surgical areas like the operating room (OR) and non-sterile areas. Staff moving between these areas must change to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Lockers provide secure storage for staff personal items when changing and during shifts. Valuables should not be brought into the changing rooms.
  • Separate changing facilities may be available for male and female staff or specific staff roles like surgeons, nurses and techs. Private changing stalls are also common.

So in summary, hospital changing rooms serve an important purpose in establishing proper sanitation protocols and work conditions for staff, especially those in surgical and high-risk areas. They provide a transition space to change, store personal items and don necessary protective attire. Careful regulations help avoid introducing contaminants to controlled patient care environments in the hospital.
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