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  • Elder care centers offer housing, healthcare, and daily assistance for older adults who can no longer live independently. Services include:
    1. Assisted living – Help with basic daily activities like bathing, dressing, meals, housekeeping, etc. Staff provide regular monitoring and assistance when needed.
    2. Skilled nursing – For seniors needing frequent medical care, monitoring and therapy. Has registered nurses and rehabilitative services on site.
    3. Independent living – For active, mobile seniors. Provides housekeeping, meals, recreational activities, and transportation but minimal personal care assistance. Allows for an independent lifestyle.
  • Important facilities include rooms/suites, dining halls, activity/recreation rooms, medical offices, therapy areas and staff stations. Home-like environments with safety provisions are preferred.
  • Centers need to be fully wheelchair accessible with handrails, controlled access, emergency alert systems and non-slip flooring.
  • Strict health, safety and care standards govern elder care centers. Centers require licensing and accreditation to operate. Regulations cover building facilities, nutrition, recreation, healthcare, staffing and personal care.
  • For families, elder care centers offer peace of mind regarding the wellbeing of senior loved ones when independent living is no longer possible. Ensuring a good standard of qualified staff and care is important when choosing such a facility.
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