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Hospital bed series have many important functions and suit different needs.

Patient beds – For inpatient use.

  • Requirements include:
    1. Adjustable height for patient access and transfers. Hydraulic, electric or manual controls.
    2. Mobility castors for easy relocation. Braking castors for stability when stationary.
    3. Articulating mattress platform to raise and lower back, knee and feet sections independently. Provide comfort for patients.
    4. Side rails for safety. Can be lowered or removed as needed. Mesh rails preferred for high-risk fall patients.
    5. Attachments for medical equipment like IV poles, oxygen tanks, patient lifts, monitors, etc.
    6. Pressure-relieving mattresses to prevent bedsores in immobile patients. Foam, air or gel mattresses.
    7. Consider bariatric sizes for obese patients. Weight capacity up to 1000 lbs or more. Reinforced construction.
    8. Can serve as trolleys to transport patients for tests/treatments. Raise side rails and lock wheels.
    9. Suitable for all inpatient areas – medical, surgical, critical care, maternity, pediatrics, etc.
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