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The medical technology section is a critical department in any hospital.

  • This section is responsible for procuring, maintaining and operating the advanced medical equipment used for diagnosis, surgery, treatment, monitoring and therapy.
  • The section works with hospital administrators, physicians and department heads to evaluate needs, select appropriate equipment, train staff and implement safety standards. They help keep equipment up-to-date with latest technologies.
  • Staff require knowledge of medical systems, diagnostics, applied technologies and health and safety standards to properly operate and maintain the equipment. Certified biomedical engineers play an important role.
  • Strict protocols are needed to ensure equipment is safely and accurately calibrated, serviced and disinfected/sterilized after each use to prevent malfunction or spread of infection.
  • A well-equipped medical technology section with the latest systems and skilled staff enable a hospital to provide advanced diagnosis and care. Lack of investment in technology and training can negatively impact patient outcomes.
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