Our Medical & Healthcare Furniture

Healthcare furniture serves a variety of functions with specific needs for different scenarios.

  • Patient room furniture – Provides comfort and practicality for inpatients during their stay. Includes:
    1. Beds – Adjustable height for easy access, castors for mobility. Attachments for medical equipment. Pressure-relieving mattresses for some.
    2. Bedside cabinets – For storing personal items, water pitcher, medications,etc. Lockable cabinets for valuables.
    3. Overbed tables – For meals, work, reading. Adjustable height for bed access.
    4. Armchairs/recliners – For visitors. Some fold-out into sleepers for overnight visitors.
    5. privacy curtains – Can be pulled around for examinations or hygiene needs.
  • Treatment area furniture – In clinics, operating rooms, intensive care, dialysis units, etc.
    1. Examination couches – Adjustable height, stirrups, removable sections for easy access.
    2. Therapy benches/mats – Provide support for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
    3. I.V. stands – Adjustable height, castors for mobility, wheels lockable.
    4. Monitoring desks – For vital signs equipment. Height adjustable, equipment rails and brackets.
  • Public area furniture – In waiting rooms, corridors, cafeterias, restrooms, etc.
    1. Chairs – Fixed leg or castor base. Padded, waterproof, easy to clean durable fabrics.
    2. Tables – Fixed pedestal or castor base. Laminate, stainless steel tops for easy cleaning.
    3. Couches/benches – Longer seating options. Consider reclining/sleeping areas for overnight visitors.
    4. Railings – Provide support and guidance in corridors, ramps, patient rooms, restrooms.
  • Administrative furniture – In offices, nursing stations, meeting rooms, etc. Standard office furniture with healthcare considerations like durable, easy-to-clean surfaces.

In summary, healthcare furniture prioritizes comfort, hygiene, safety, mobility and functionality. Designs suit specific medical needs, procedures and locations. Infection prevention, durability and ease of cleaning are always key factors.

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