Help you design your unique school with just a few words from you.

Do you want to help your own school to be totally different from the other school and make it seems like the most unique school in the whole world? I bet you would pay everything under your budget to get it, right?

No matter you are a contractor or bidder who need ODM or OEM, we can cover all the design for you, and it is FREE. It will not charge any cents for the design. I think maybe you will said there are many cmpany who can do the same job as you are doing now, why should I trust your design? Let me tell you why. That is because we have over 28 years’ experience in the school furniture field, and we have dealed with over 50,000 clients from all over the world. And besides that, we ever keep going to every fair which is involved school furniture field to make sure our design is still on the edge of the field and beyond it.

With the development of our design department, we ever start to provide outlet planning, 3D Model Build.

In our design service part, you ust need to tell what is your vision of your own school and teh outlet size of your school. You can hand over the rest part to us. And we will make whatever you dreamed come true.

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