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Kin United Family Ericsson Hospital for Geriatrics

Kin United Family Ericsson Hospital for Geriatrics is located in Yongning Town, Wenjiang District, a 15-minute drive from downtown Chengdu, with excellent traffic accessibility, which is convenient for medical treatment and visits. This project is the first service project combining medical and elderly care services for the elderly built in Chengdu by the health industry operator of Zhixin Group and Sikangjian in three years. With a simple, bright, generous and warm design style, together with landscape sketches with healthy and fashionable elements, interior decoration and other space symbols, it reflects the space effect of a safe, efficient, economical and comfortable geriatric hospital. In the process of cooperating with the project team of Kin United Family·Ericang Hospital for Geriatrics, we have customized a series of elderly furniture for customers from the perspective of elderly users, such as hospital hall consultation desks, waiting chairs, infusion solutions Chairs, doctor’s desks and chairs, elderly ward furniture, suitable for the elderly, medical medicine cabinets, etc.

Project Details

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