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Preethi Hospitals Private Limited in India

It is a very big honor to help people in India to build one of the top-rank hospitals there. So, in the very beginning, we know each other through a mutual friend who owns a school. They went to their school and feel all the furniture is so wonderful. So, they ask our mutual friend who supplied your furniture. We like it very much. And that is when our mutual friend said our name: EVERPRETTY Furniture. Soon, they contacted us about the furniture in their hospital. So that is how we get the first order in the medical furniture field. When we get the contact, we are so thrilled and a little bit afraid to fail their trust. So, we do everything very carefully, just to make sure everything works through smoothly.
At first, they don’t know us very much. So, they ask us for everything with a pic. And then, we designed a room for them based on what they told us. And suddenly they feel the communication went very smoothly. They asked us if we can design all the space for them, and it is of course not a doubt we can do it with our designer team. So, we design all the space for them, and they were so happy about it. They are not only very happy about our design but also happy about what we do when we designed. We added their Vision and Dream into the design with the color and style to let their vision and Dream be everywhere they can see.
After we finished all the discussions about the design. They quickly booked a flight to come to China to see our factory. And they went to our factory, and they see our production lines and our product lines. They are so thrilled to meet with us: a professional manufacturer of medical furniture. And during their visit, we also introduce our new brand for Medical Furniture: OEKAN Furniture to them. And before they were leaving, they give us a question and want us to solve it for them. The question is how are we going to get the furniture after you finished the production? We don’t have a shipping agent. After receiving this question, we let not worry about this thing. We can solve this question with our shipping agent and provide a One-step solution for you. You can get all the furniture at the front door of your hospital. Don’t worry.
After they received our furniture, they used it to improve lives in terms of good affordable healthcare.

Project Details

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