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Qingdao Binhai College Affiliated Hospital

The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao Binhai College is invested and constructed by Qingdao Binhai College. It is located in the fusion zone of Guzhenkou, West Coast New Area, Qingdao. The planned total investment is 2.86 billion yuan, covering an area of ​​226 acres and a total planned construction area of ​​370,000 square meters. Construction started in July 2018. Scheduled to be completed in 2019. The hospital is adjacent to the Dazhu Mountain Scenic Area, with pleasant scenery by the mountains and the sea, and will provide 1,800 inpatient beds. The main construction contents of the project include inpatient buildings, outpatient buildings, etc. It is planned to set up 37 clinical departments, 16 medical technology and auxiliary departments, 1800 inpatient beds and 1800 employees; in the process of cooperation with the project team of Qingdao Binhai College Affiliated Hospital, We tailor-made hospital hall guidance desks, waiting chairs, infusion chairs, hospital office furniture, ward furniture, nurse stations, medical medicine cabinets and other furniture for customers. In the design of the hospital guidance table, we used new technologies and materials to create a new, modern feel. For the area of ​​the hospital guidance desk that is less frequented by natural light, a bright and comfortable environment can be created with natural lighting and brightening the color of the space. According to different departments, we choose different materials and processes to realize a variety of functional hospital furniture, and maintain the harmony and integrity of various materials or components before functional differentiation. At the same time, for the design of the infusion area, we pay more attention to the privacy of the patient. Most of the infusion chairs configured by Pinyuan are designed with soft bags, which are comfortable and warm, creating a leisure atmosphere, so that the patient’s anxiety can be relieved.
Usually, in the design of large-scale hospital projects, the waiting period is divided into two stages: the first waiting period and the second waiting period. The former of the two stages has a relatively long waiting time, and a single or multiple departments share a waiting area; the latter has a shorter waiting time and direct contact with the clinic. The furniture design form of waiting room adopts different schemes according to different scales. The waiting area adopts bright and clean green and elegant purple, as well as some plain color choices. From the moment guests enter the entrance, they can feel a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, thus establishing the connection between guests and medical staff, promoting the physical and mental healing of patients, and conveying a sense of A positive and optimistic attitude towards life. How to create a family-like medical environment atmosphere. In the hall-style waiting room, OEKAN has equipped the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao Binhai College with a row of waiting chairs. Due to the relatively long waiting time for patients, the comfortable waiting chair design makes the environment comfortable and pleasant. At the same time, through media such as background music, closed-circuit television and electronic display boards, health care knowledge or entertainment programs are conveyed to patients in order to relax the patient’s mood for medical treatment. At present, the second waiting room in the hospital design forms different spatial effects through the change of the size of the hall and corridor.

Project Details

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