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Full electric hospital beds have become increasingly popular in a wide array of medical institutions and facilities. As the name suggests, a full electric hospital bed is a bed designed specifically for hospital and medical settings that can be fully adjusted using electronic controls. Unlike a manual hospital bed, fully electric models allow patients and caregivers to effortlessly adjust the height, head, foot, and rail positions with the simple push of a button. This enables faster, more convenient adjustments for optimal patient positioning and access. As they become more common, electric hospital beds are transforming patient care in hospitals, nursing homes, home healthcare, and more.

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The Benefits of Full Electric Hospital Beds

A full electric hospital bed provides a wide range of advantages. For patients, these beds enhance comfort, convenience, and accessibility. For medical staff and caregivers, they boost efficiency, safety, and ergonomics.


For Patients

Receiving care in the clinical environment can be stressful and uncomfortable. A full electric medical bed helps boost patient comfort and independence. Its extensive adjustability allows personalized positioning tailored to the patient’s unique needs and mobility level. This enhanced customizable comfort encourages healing and improves quality of life during medical treatment. Here’s how these beds enhance comfort and convenience for patients:


  • Height, knee, and head articulation via simple handheld controls or touchscreens provide different flexible positioning options to reduce pressure and distribute weight for optimal pain relief.
  • Customizable memory presets return beds rapidly to favored layouts like sitting up for meals or therapy.
  • Integrated scales and telemetry monitoring promote confidence for solo patients to reposition within safe weight limits according to prescribed protocols.
  • Durable construction and reinforcement in joint and frame areas withstand repeated heavyweight use to accommodate all bodies during recovery.


For Doctors/Caregivers

Healthcare staff face demanding schedules with limited time to spend on each patient. A full electric hospital bed helps streamline provider workflows and boost efficiency. Its automated functionality minimizes manual exertion, speeds up processes, and contributes to improved staff ergonomics and safety. Here’s how these beds increase convenience and efficiency for doctors/caregivers:


  • Customizable positioning presets allow rapid adjustment into optimal positions for examinations without compromising practitioner posture.
  • At the touch of a button, bags, drainage tubes, and nanoparticle-resistant surfaces sanitize swiftly to prepare beds for incoming patients.
  • Emergency egress functions automatically flatten beds in seconds to allow quick patient transfers or evacuations as needed.
  • Integrated scales document patient weights, vitals, and objective progress indicators to treatment plans with minimal data entry.


Key Considerations When Purchasing Full Electric Hospital Beds

Medical facilities looking to invest in full electric hospital beds should consider certain factors to ensure they select high-quality, reliable models that best serve their needs. Key considerations include the following:


  1. Durability

Since hospital beds get frequent, heavy use, durability is imperative. Facilities should look for beds with sturdy steel or metal construction and reinforced frames to withstand years of use. The electronics, including motors, controls, and wiring, should also be durable and low-maintenance. Electric components of the hospital bed need protection from fluids and dust. Leading brands rigorously test these types of beds through thousands of cycles.


  1. Safety

Safety is critical in a medical environment. A full electric hospital bed should have safety features like brakes holding dynamic weight loads safely, side rails with good height, sufficient bed/mattress firmness to prevent entrapment, and more. Look for models that meet safety standards for medical equipment. Egress and transport functions should be a priority as they ensure patients can easily exit in emergencies. Leading control systems are also important as they offer customized alerts when positions are breached.


  1. Comfort

While safety comes first, optimal comfort enables better patient outcomes. It is recommended that you look for models with comfortable mattresses and adjustable positions for head, foot, and height. This allows customization for patient comfort. Beds should offer multiple flexion positions, including head and knee articulation, with width, weight, and protection for bariatric patients. Linen pockets are also an important consideration.


  1. User-friendly

Intuitive controls that are simple for staff to operate are vital. This is because efficiency saves both time and effort. Intuitive control consoles visibly display functions requiring minimal instruction. Memory presets are extremely useful as they return beds rapidly to standard positions. You should also prioritize equipment lockouts as they help prevent unauthorized use.


OEKAN Manufactures Reliable Hospital Bed Products

OEKAN is an established hospital bed manufacturer and medical furniture supplier specializing in high-quality, durable hospital furniture. With over 13 years of industry experience and a large variety of products, we are a leading global provider of electric and manual hospital beds. With advanced production equipment and strong capabilities, we specialize in manufacturing reliable, customizable furniture perfect for healthcare facilities. We also offer reliable after-sales support and cost-effective pricing, all from our ISO, BV, TUV, SGS, and FDA-certified facilities.


At OEKAN, we offer both electric and manual hospital beds built with durable steel frames and comfortable mattresses. Our full electric hospital bed products allow adjustable positioning of the back, legs, and height to accommodate patient needs. Furthermore, we also offer customization services so you can tailor your hospital beds according to your needs and add features like retractable casters, fold-down assist rails, and more.

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With lots of key benefits for both patients and caregivers, a full electric hospital bed has rightfully become a staple in a modern healthcare environment. Medical facilities looking to invest in these feature-rich beds should make sure they choose durable, safe, comfortable, and user-friendly models that will serve their unique needs. At OEKAN, we manufacture premium-grade hospital bed products that can be customized to match healthcare facilities’ requirements and elevate patient care. Our years of industry experience and reliable craftsmanship make us a top choice for medical institutions seeking these products. Visit our website to browse our full catalog of innovative hospital furniture.


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