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A medical recliner chair holds great significance for healthcare furniture as it helps to enhance patient comfort during various medical treatments, procedures, and recoveries. This essential piece of furniture with features such as ergonomic design, maneuverability, and hygienic properties is indispensable in any healthcare setting. Read on to explore its various advantages, tips for ordering, product recommendations, and other key information.

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Medical Recliner Chairs – Benefits and Ordering Tips

The many benefits of the recliner chair have made it a valuable part of the healthcare environment. Some of the key benefits include:


All-Considered Design Facilitating Routine Tasks

Medical recliner chairs have an all-considered design, specifically created to facilitate routine tasks in healthcare settings. These chairs are designed with features that enhance the functionality and efficiency of healthcare professionals. For example, some recliner chairs may have integrated side trays or tables for convenient placement of medical equipment or personal items during procedures or treatments.


Treatment and Recovery-based Design Ensuring Smooth Treatment Processing

Medical recliner chairs feature a treatment and recovery-based design that is tailored to provide comfort and support during medical treatments and recovery processes. These chairs are designed with features that prioritize the needs of patients during procedures or post-treatment recovery. For instance, some recliner chairs may have articulating headrests to improve visibility for patients and allow for easier interaction with visitors.


Patient Consideration

A medical recliner chair also prioritizes patient consideration. It is designed with features that promote patient well-being and satisfaction. For example, some recliner chairs may have sleek and modern styles that blend in with décor, eliminating the clinical feel often associated with healthcare furniture.


When ordering these chairs, it is essential to consider certain factors to choose the chair with the necessary features to cover all your needs and requirements. Some essential factors to take into account include:


  1. Maneuverability

A medical recliner chair should have a design that allows for easy movement within a healthcare environment. This includes features like smooth-rolling casters or wheels, as well as a compact design that is beneficial in spaces with limited maneuvering capability.


  1. Hygienic Design

The medical recliner chair should be designed with hygiene in mind to prevent the spread of infections. This includes using easy-to-clean and disinfecting materials, minimizing crevices or seams that can trap dirt or bacteria, and incorporating removable and washable components for thorough cleaning.


  1. Ergonomic Design

The medical chair should prioritize ergonomics to promote proper body posture and reduce the risk of strain or discomfort. This can be achieved through adjustable features such as backrests, headrests, and leg rests, as well as the inclusion of lumbar support and padded armrests for added comfort.


  1. Material

The selection of materials for recliner chairs is important for durability, comfort, and hygiene. Common materials used include durable and easy-to-clean upholstery, sturdy frames made of metals like steel, and comfortable padding such as high-density foam or memory foam.


  1. Other Specific Features for Different Departments’ Requirements

Medical recliner chairs may have additional features tailored to the specific requirements of different departments within healthcare facilities. This may include features like the Trendelenburg position for critical care or post-surgery recovery, IV pole attachments for infusion centers or dialysis units, pediatric chair designs for a child-friendly environment, and heat and massage functions for rehabilitation or long-term care settings.


Products Highlight: Hospital Recliner Chairs by OEKAN

OEKAN is a seasoned healthcare and medical furniture manufacturer known for its quality products that prioritize comfort, functionality, convenience, and safety. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trusted brand in medical and healthcare furniture manufacturing. In the medical recliner chair category, we offer many high-quality products. Two of our top offerings include the AC+ Chair and the Blood Sampling Chair.


AC+ Chair

The AC+ Chair is an upgraded version of our highly successful Modena chair. It has many new features that prioritize patient comfort and options that are specifically designed to facilitate ENT or ophthalmic procedures. This chair retains all the features and adaptability of the Modena chair while being suitable for a wider range of settings. The key characteristics of this medical chair include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Lower backrest and four different headrest options for ENT or ophthalmic procedures
  • Has all the best features and adaptability of the Modena chair
  • 580-900mm adjustable seat height range
  • 1070mm chair length, 2000mm fully reclined length
  • 600mm seat width, 770mm total width
  • Optional colors available
  • Certified product with 3-8 years warranty


AC+ Chair

Blood Sampling Chair

Our feature-rich Blood Sampling Chair is designed to provide comfort and convenience during blood sampling procedures. It offers 360° hydraulic height rotation and adjustment, multiple configurations, a fixed height option, and more, making it a dependable option for healthcare professionals and patients alike. Its key characteristics include the following:

  • Convenient hydraulic height adjustment with full rotation capability
  • 500mm seat width, 660mm overall width
  • 555-755mm seat height with 1640mm length (when fully reclined)
  • Electric height adjustment option
  • Fixed height option with wheels
  • Optional colors available
  • Certified by CE, FDA, TUV, SGS, BV, ISO, and more
  • 3-8 years warranty

Blood Sampling Chair


Overall, a medical recliner chair plays a crucial role in healthcare facilities by offering comfort, convenience, and functionality to patients and staff. Learning about this valuable medical furniture is essential to ensure its proper use and maintenance. In addition to this, choosing a reliable provider of the product is also very important to ensure product quality and long-term value.


At OEKAN, we specialize in offering innovative healthcare furniture solutions that prioritize patient comfort and care. With years of experience in manufacturing high-quality healthcare furniture, we have established ourselves as a trusted choice for medical facilities globally. Our wide selection of products includes customized geriatric chairs tailored for the elders and versatile chairs for general use. This means we have the products to cover virtually every unique need. Visit our website to browse all of our dependable offerings.

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