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Clinics within the diagnosis and treatment section of a hospital provide outpatient care.

  • Outpatient clinics handle cases that do not require hospital admission. Patients can come in for consultation and treatment and return home the same day.
  • Important facilities include examination rooms, treatment areas, waiting rooms, nursing stations, diagnostic equipment and in some cases basic surgical theaters.
  • Need to have facilities for patient privacy, infection control and managing medical emergencies. Proximity to inpatient wards and emergency room is preferred.
  • Staffing includes physicians, nurses, technicians and therapists with suitable qualifications for the specific clinic functions.
  • Outpatient clinics provide a cost-effective way to handle lower-complexity care without occupying limited inpatient resources. They improve access and reduce waiting times for basic healthcare services.
  • Effective clinic management focuses on appointment scheduling, patient flow, efficient use of resources and preventing long waiting times. Well-designed floor layouts that maximize productivity and patient experience are important.
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