A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Hospital Overbed Tables

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Overbed tables are a crucial yet underappreciated piece of furniture found in most medical facilities. With their versatile functionality and importance in patient care, overbed tables have become a staple in hospitals, nursing homes, and other clinical settings. A hospital overbed table provides patients with a surface to work, eat, read, and engage in other activities from their beds. It offers medical staff an adjustable workspace right beside the patient for tasks like medication administration, wound care, and physiological monitoring. Given their important role in healthcare delivery and patient experience, it is crucial to select quality overbed tables from a reputable manufacturer.

hospital overbed table

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Intended Use of Hospital Overbed Tables

A hospital overbed table is designed to serve a wide variety of purposes. As the name implies, it provides patients with a working surface positioned over their bed for tasks like eating meals, doing activities, or hobbies like reading, writing, and crafts. This allows patients to perform these functions independently without needing to move in and out of bed. Overbed tables are also invaluable for medical staff as they offer an adjustable surface close to the patient for examination and treatment procedures.


Common clinical uses of an overbed table include medication administration, wound dressing changes, obtaining vital signs, organizing equipment and supplies, and documenting notes. The table provides an ergonomic workflow for caregivers who can perform these duties while maintaining a close view and interaction with the patient.


Critical Features of a Quality Hospital Overbed Table

Not all overbed tables are created equally. To make an informed decision, you must consider several critical factors that differentiate quality furniture. These features are essential for ensuring safety, functionality, and longevity:


  1. Maneuverable

A hospital overbed table must be easy for patients and nurses to position and move around the bed without much effort. It should glide smoothly on lockable casters of suitable size and weight-bearing capacity. Casters lubricated with corrosion-resistant grease work best on all floor surfaces found in medical facilities.


  1. Adjustable

For maximum ergonomics and versatility, the table height should adjust seamlessly to suit different bed levels, from floor beds to elevated frames. Pneumatic or spring-assisted lifting mechanisms that allow one-handed adjustment are preferred over manual hand cranks for ease of operation. A wide range of up and down movement is needed to serve all users, whether standing or seated.


  1. Stable

As overbed tables are frequently loaded with supplies, equipment, and patient belongings, they require a sturdy, heavy-duty structure. Strong steel or aluminum frames withstand years of intensive use without warping or failure. Rigid supports at each leg anchored securely to the tabletop prevent wobbling even under full-weight loading. Properly sized locking casters of the hospital overbed table further ensure stability when stationary.


  1. Durable

Only the best quality, medically graded materials endure rigorous cleaning and high-traffic hospital usage. Sealed wood, melamine, thermoplastics, or laminated surfaces repel moisture, chemicals, and impact. All edges are securely bonded and seams are tight fitting to prevent ingress of fluids and dirt. A stainless steel overbed table is recommended as it maintains integrity against corrosion.


  1. Easy to Clean

Smooth, non-porous surfaces facilitate thorough, efficient disinfection per infection control protocols. A quality hospital overbed table features seams and edges that are coved or rounded for easy wipe-down. Other features that prove invaluable include removable trays that empty for washing or autoclaving between patients and antimicrobial finishes that provide added protection.


OEKAN Supplies Premium-Grade Hospital Overbed Tables

When purchasing medical-grade furniture, it is recommended that you source from manufacturers with proven expertise. OEKAN is a leader in this field with over 13 years of experience designing and producing furniture strictly for healthcare settings. With our large factory and full-scale production lines, we can customize solutions for any need. As one of the top medical furniture manufacturers, we export to over 86 countries worldwide and have a stellar track record of quality, durability, and affordable pricing honored by our thousands of satisfied customers, including clinics, hospitals, contractors, and more.


Key advantages of choosing us for hospital overbed tables and other hospital furniture include:

  • Large product variety featuring quality materials
  • Innovative designs promoting patient comfort, safety, and staff ergonomics
  • All products meet global compliance standards, e.g.,ISO, SGS, etc.
  • Competitive pricing and customization services
  • Excellent after-sales services and reliable support
  • Commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturing


Two of our top products in the overbed table category include OEKAN Deluxe Overbed Table and OEKAN Denton Tables.


OEKAN Deluxe Overbed Table

Our OEKAN Deluxe Overbed Table is meticulously crafted to provide optimal functionality and ergonomics at the bedside. It prioritizes comfort and safety at the patient’s bedside. Its key features include:

  • Adjustable height and smooth one-handed tray adjustment
  • High-quality swivel casters for smooth maneuverability
  • Removable trays for flexible configuration and easy cleaning
  • Sturdy construction with polypropylene plastic and stainless steel
  • Premium finish that is stain, chemical, and impact-resistant
  • Available in multiple stylish color options
  • Certified product (ISO, FDA, TUV, etc.) with 3-8 years warranty

hospital overbed table

OEKAN Denton Tables

Our OEKAN Denton Tables offer a budget-friendly solution with our quality craftsmanship. Made with high-density fiberboard and melamine edges, they feature:

  • Adjustable tray height and rotating tabletop
  • Epoxy powder-coated steel tube frame for corrosion resistance
  • Smooth-running castors for enhanced mobility
  • Easy-to-clean laminated high-density fiberboard surface
  • Ideal tray size for holding patient items, meals, clinical accessories, etc.
  • Available in hundreds of colors
  • SGS, ISO, TUV, etc,. certified with 3-8 years warranty

hospital overbed table


A hospital overbed table is a valuable piece of equipment that greatly enhances the delivery of care and the patient experience. It provides an invaluable surface that supports clinical activities like assessments, treatments, and documentation, as well as activities of daily living to promote independence, comfort, and well-being. As assets that will see heavy daily use over many years, it’s important to select overbed table designs that prioritize durability, functionality, safety, and adjustability to suit a variety of patient and provider needs. Buying from a reputable brand like OEKAN ensures that your medical facility obtains industry-leading quality and value, as well as the assurance of strong after-sales support. Contact us to explore our full suite of premium-grade hospital furniture offerings.

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